IONIX® 12'' HV Circular Sputtering Source

The IONIX® IX12 has a target diameter of 304.8 mm (12'') and can be used with non-magnetic targets varying from 8 - 16 mm in small scale production systems. Optionally targets of 300 mm diameter can be used. The achievable film thickness homogeneity is ±3% on Ø200 mm substrates for selected materials, best distance will be between 50 - 120 mm and  must be optimized for each sputtering target material.

The IX12 features indirect cooling and an adjustable anode shield that allows easy adjustment of the dark space gap when varying target thickness. The magnetron can be either used with targets of clamp or bond design.

Via the ISO63 interface the sputtering source can be mounted on a straight Ø1.25''. Also ISO or CF flange mounted sources are available.


  • internal mounting with ISO63 interface
  • flange mounting with ISO400-K interfance
  • target diameter 12" (304.8 mm)
  • targets 8 - 16 mm thick, non-magnetic
  • indirectly cooled targets
  • magnet array completely isolated from cooling water
  • for DC, AC, RF and pulsed operation
  • water tubes Ø10xØ8 mm

 Technical data

Target   Dimensions  
form circular/planar diameter 346 mm
diameter 12" (304.8 mm) ± 0.5mm height 80 mm
thickness 8 - 16 mm Mounting tube Ø1,25" x 300 mm
cooling indirect ***
Working pressure argon Construction materials stainless steel
OFHC - type copper
nonmagnetic targets 3x10-3- 10-1 mbar Cooling water  
best performance 5x10-3-5x10-2mbar flow 0.5 ... 1 l / (min x kW)
Typical rates   max. inlet temperature ≤ 30°C
Ti, 80 mm distance 30 Å/s @ 7000W max. pressure ≤ 2 bar open drain
Al, 100 mm distance 50 Å/s @ 7000W Ø tubing Ø10xØ8 mm PTFE
Electrical specifications   Magnet array permanent NdFeB
max. power, watts DC 14 kW DC* max. temperature 60°C
max. power, watts RF 5 kW RF* Accessories and options  
max. current DC 5 A - quick coupling f/t - chimney option
max. voltage DC 1000 V - gas inlet option - flange mounting
connector DC screw terminal
connector RF type 7/16 **    
* This value refers to the magnetron itself. The maximum power is determined by the target material and
its bonding or clamping technique.
** RF-Version requires special connector and/or installation. More details on request.
*** Direct cooling on request.

We reserve the right for technical changes in design and specifications without notice or obligations.

Mounting options

  • Chimney
  • Gas distribution
  • Quick coupling feedtrough
  • ISO or CF flange mounting option


Dimensions for IX12 magnetron assembly consisting of sputtering source with quick coupling feedtrough available for Ø40 mm bore (OD 1.25'' tube)