List of publications

Customer feedback on operational experience with our IONIX® sputtering sources is highly welcome and necessary for steady product improvement and new developements. In the following we present a selection of publications based on the use of our IONIX® sputtering sources:

  1. "Fabrication of Optical Multilayer Devices from Porous Silicon Coatings with Closed Porosity by Magnetron Sputtering", V. Godinho et. al.,ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (2015)
  2. "On the formation of the porous structure in nanostructured a-Si coatings deposited by dc magnetron sputtering at oblique angles", V. Godinho et. al., Nanotechnology 25, 355705 (2014)
  3. "A new bottom-up methodology to produce silicon layers with a closed porosity nanostructure and reduced refractive index", V. Godinho et. al., Nanotechnology 24, 275604 (2013)
  4. "Magnetron sputtered a-SiOxNy thin films: A closed porous nanostructure with controlled optical and mechanical properties", V. Godinho et. al., Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 149, 142–146 (2012)
  5. "Microstructural and Chemical Characterization of Nanostructured TiAlSiN Coatings with Nanoscale Resolution", V. Godinho et. al., Microsc. Microanal. 18, 568–581 (2012)
  6. "Microstructural characterization of hydrophobic Ti1−xAlxN coatings with moth-eye-like surface morphology", V. Godinho et. al., Journal of Alloys and Compounds 536S, S398– S406 (2012)
  7. "SiOxNy thin films with variable refraction index: Microstructural, chemical and mechanical properties", V. Godinho et. al., Applied Surface Science 256, 4548–4553 (2010)
  8. "Characterization of Ti1-xAlxN coatings with selective IR reflectivity", V. Godinho et. al., Solar Energy 84, 1397–1401 (2010)